Welcome to Diamond Lazy  J Ranch

Welcome to the Diamond Lazy J Ranch! We are a family partnership located in the North Central Region of the Nebraska Sandhills at Nenzel, NE. Nenzel is located thirty miles west of Valentine, NE on U S. Hwy 20 in Cherry County. We take pride in raising some of the most productive cows, replacement heifers, and long yearling bulls in the Sand Hills. Ranching has always been a part of our life. Our 30+ years of commercial cow herd experience has given us the ability to raise seedstock that is affordable, efficient, functional, high quality, sufficient marbling and marketable for the commercial cattleman. Our focus is on efficient use of our natural resources – grass and water! We believe cattle should be adapted to the region in which they will be raised and they should be raised on grass.

Angus and Gelbvieh are the two beef breeds we have selected that will perform for the range and cake cow-calf producers in a semi-arid region. The crossbreed of a registered Red or Black Angus, and a registered Gelbvieh has been identified by the American Gelbvieh Association as a Balancer. Balancers have the added value of hybrid vigor, increase in performance, and longevity. This equates to increased quality and profits for the beef producer.

We put a lot of emphasis on fertile, functional, and efficient females. Our A.I. herd sires are selected on basis of calving ease, moderate frame, disposition, and female longevity. Our commercial industry needs females that will produce for many years. We calve in April and May, and our bulls are approximately 18mos of age and are raised on grass. The bulls are not creep fed, and are not fattened in a feedlot. Their feet and legs are not ruined due to hot feed, will provide more years of service, and will cover more cows. They will be conditioned for the sale in January.

We would like to thank all of our past and future customers who share similar goals. We invite you to visit us any time to view the cattle and visit the ranch. We would enjoy having you stop by. You can contact us at dljranch@gpcom.net or call Greg @ 402-823-4131, Tim @ 402-823-4230, Brent @ 402-389-0439 or write to us at 90256 State Spur 16F, Nenzel, NE 69219.


Diamond Lazy J Ranch Bull Sale

Selling 19 coming 2 year old Bulls

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Bull Sale will be held in Nenzel, NE

*Viewing will be behind Tim Nollette's House

*Sale & Dinner will be held at the Nenzel Community Building

3:00-4:00pm MDT| Viewing

5:00pm MDT| Sale

6:00pm MDT| Complimentary Dinner